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Molly Fursman BSc (Hons) MCSP, PgDip, HPC, Cat A ACPAT

Welcome to Molly Fursman's & Associates Chartered human and veterinary physiotherapy practice.
This website is here to provide you with further information on human and veterinary
physiotherapy, assessment and treatment.

About Molly Fursman Physiotherapy & Associates

Based in the Axbridge area, Molly Fursman Physiotherapy is pleased to offer a leading
private human and veterinary physiotherapy practice to Somerset and the South West.
The practice was first established within the Midlands and now has moved to
Badgworth in Somerset, expanding to cover Wells and all of the South West region as well as remaining to cover the existing clinic base in the Midlands.
Molly is fully qualified to treat both humans and animals and specializes in human, equine and
canine rehabilitation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
Molly is a fully registered Chartered physiotherapist and Cat A ACPAT member and is
registered and regulated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), Health
Professionals Council (HPC)
and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapy in Animal
Therapy (ACPAT).
This ensures quality and reassurance that you are receiving the best
possible service from the practice.
What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based health profession concerned with the assessment and
treatment of disability, poor or underperformance, control and alleviation of pain, restoring
normal movement and optimizing function.
In the performance animal physiotherapy can improve biomechanics and athletic ability and as
with human physiotherapy treatment, aid in rehabilitation following orthopedic, neurological or
general surgery, in muscle, tendon or ligament injuries or skeletal fractures and with chronic
conditions like osteoarthritis.

What does “Chartered” mean as a veterinary physiotherapist?

The title Chartered Physiotherapist is protected by law and only a physiotherapist that has
qualified from a recognised physiotherapy course are eligible to register with the chartered society of physiotherapy, which is the established governing body of human physiotherapy,

can then adopt the title “Chartered Physiotherapist”.
However, the title physiotherapist when used with animals is not protected therefore to ensure
that you are using a physiotherapist that has qualified as a human physiotherapist first, always
look for the title “Chartered Physiotherapist” or registration as a “Cat A ACPAT”
ACPAT is the only recognised organisation acknowledged by the CSP and is a specialist
interest group of the CSP. This means that as a registered Cat A member of ACPAT you are
monitored and regulated by ACPAT and have had to qualify as a chartered human
physiotherapist first.
Choosing a Cat A ACPAT registered veterinary physiotherapist ensures you are receiving the
highest quality expertise and treatment from an experienced, knowledgeable physiotherapist
that has trained through a fully accredited veterinary physiotherapy course by the CSP and

As an ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist you work within the Veterinary Surgeons Act and will
work directly with and alongside your local vet for a joint approach to care. Before consultations
approval from your will be established.
This collaborative approach to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of your animal
ensures that the highest quality service possible is offered to your animal.
Molly has acquired extensive physiotherapy skills and knowledge base having practiced in a
diverse range of clinical areas from neurology and orthopaedics to private outpatient settings
where she has specifically worked in the assessment and rehabilitation of athletes. She is
currently working as a senior physiotherapist within the NHS as well as running her private
human and animal physiotherapy practice and has over 15 years equine and canine
In addition to her physiotherapy experience Molly has competed at National Championship
levels in both Eventing and Showjumping and has been lucky enough to train at the German-
based dressage school “Etoile” where she gained ridden experience at PSG level in Dressage.
Molly was also fortunate enough to work with Lesley Law during his Olympic Gold Medal year
2004 and has also been extensively trained by an Olympic showjumper and junior showjumping
squad coach.
As well as her biomechanical and physiotherapeutic expertise, her riding background really sets
her ahead in the physiotherapy field in understanding the levels and training required for each
discipline and in observing and understanding the horse and its requirements as an athlete.
Molly continues to compete as her busy schedule allows, however, her passion lies within the
field of physiotherapy and she takes great pride in offering a personalised 7day service to
ensure her client’s needs are met.