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Human Physio & Rider Assessment
fursman horse and rider phsiotherapy
The horse and rider must be in harmony in order to gain optimal performance.
A misalignment or musculoskeletal dysfunction in the rider can cause problems and pain in the horse. As a Chartered Physiotherapist and with considerable experience in treating sports persons Molly is uniquely placed to provide horse/rider assessment.
As an established reputable rider and physiotherapist Molly specialises in rider assessment. Assessment and treatment of the rider can aid in preventing further aggravation of the underlying horses problem by promoting and establishing, balanced, supple, strong co-ordinated movement in harmony with the horse, which comes primarily form strong core stability and correct posture.
A typical assessment will take more than an hour and will include:

  • A detailed history of the present condition and past medical history
  • Assessment of posture, muscle and joint symmetry
  • Examination of spinal and joint range of movement, stiffness, alignment and pain
  • Assessment of muscle function, tightness and spasm
  • Assessment of Sensory, propreoception and co-ordination
  • Dynamic movement analysis as required
  • Examination of general health
  • Advice and expert information
From this the clinical findings will be discussed and an individualised evidence based treatment programme will be produced.

Treatments may include:

  • Spinal mobilisations
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue techniques for example, massage, trigger point therapy, stretches, and myofacial release.
  • Electrotherapy for example, LASER, Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, PEME (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) or TENS as appropriate
  • Neuromuscular gliding
  • Proprioceptive feedback to improve limb placement, co-ordination of limb flight and balance
  • Training and instruction of graded home exercise programmes towards an established goal
  • Referral to other professional as necessary
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